Supercharge, Nourish And Boost Your Health By Taking These Nutrients-Rich Superfoods Everyday!
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I'm sorry you don't have time to watch my presentation right now. I completely understand. We're all so busy these days.

But what I have prepared for you today is very important, such a massive opportunity for your health, that I want sum it up very quickly for you.

I’m here to show you how scientists have discovered the perfect formula to provide your body with an abundance of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals that skyrocket your energy level, boost your immune system, and enhance your health…

Without spending your precious time preparing or cooking nutritious and healthy foods.

Without having to buy a variety of foods with different nutrients.

And Without taking synthetic vitamins...

In the next several minutes I’m going to show you why you simply don’t have to accept statements like, “I have bad genetics,” or, “I’m getting old,” as an excuse for poor health and low energy levels!

Whether you’re 30, 40, or over 70 years old, you can still reverse aging, have limitless energy, and enjoy a healthier body.
Testimonial - Katherine Pittz
I have lost .9kg and feel I have had some extra energy later in the day!
Hi Laura Lindsey

I was unaware that Energize greens helped you lose weight. I have been trying to lose weight but it is not staying off and as I am getting older and less active the weight piles on. Since 17 January I have lost .9kg and feel I have had some extra energy later in the day, have been able to completed some gardening which has been waiting. I feel the Greens have contributed to this will continue to drink them, will try the smoothies as well.


Ria Gibson
Western Australia

Even Living to 110, Desease-Free and in Great Health, is Possible!
The Five Superfoods which I’m about to share with you have the ability to restore nearly every part of your body to a energized, stronger, and more revitalized state...

Research and scientific studies have proven these 5 superfoods can:

Inhibit or prevent cancers and tumors in humans and animals
Alkalize your body and keep your body’s pH level between 7.35 and 7.45
Lower cholesterol levels by at least 50%
Boost your immune system’s resistance to harmful bacteria, viruses, and infections
Reduce mortality risks from all types of cardiovascular disease.
Increase overall fitness and energy levels by 16% without doing any exercise

I Know Your Time Is Valuable, So Let’s Go
Ahead And Jump In.
You want to listen to this presentation till the very end because these foods are secretly used by centenarians, astronauts, and even olympic athletes for more boost to their health and body.

I know your time is valuable, so let’s go ahead and jump in.

The first “weird” food is regarded as a “longevity fruit” in Asia.

Weird Food #1: Sea Buckthorn
The first “weird” food I’m going to talk about is sea buckthorn.

This miracle berry is renowned in Ayurvedic medicine as far back as 5,000 BC.

In Greek, Tibet, Russia, Mongolia, and China, sea buckthorn is known to treat various health issues including relieving cough, promoting blood circulation, aiding digestion, and alleviating pain.

Sea buckthorn is the only plant that contains all 4 essential fatty acids — Omegas 3, 6, 9 and 7.

Most people are aware of the wide-ranging benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, but you likely aren’t aware of a category of omega-7 fats that provide some unique health effects.

And this omega-7, which is also known as palmitoleic acid, is found in abundance in Sea buckthorn.

This newly discovered fat molecule is so important that Harvard Medical School has applied for a patent on it.


That’s because scientists have discovered that omega-7 can reduce risk of type II diabetes,

prevent the buildup of plaque in your blood vessels,

increase your healthy HDL cholesterol,

and lower an inflammation marker called C-reactive protein, which is associated with an increased risk for heart attack and stroke.3,5,7,9

This feat would require multiple prescription drugs to achieve — with potentially dangerous side effects.

But the omega-7 in sea buckthorn can safely do all this at a fraction of the cost.

On top of having all 4 omega fatty acids, sea buckthorn contains over 14 essential vitamins and 190 phytonutrients,

And offers supercharged antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties…

To sum it up, seabuckthorn has an impressive nutritional profile that indirectly heals and fortifies the entire body.

Other clinical studies on sea buckthorn have demonstrated other benefits like preventing gastric injury, stomach ulcers and oxidative stress.

Sea Buckthorn even protects the cells and even helps to relax the smooth muscles of the stomach and intestines.

That is why it has a protective effect on the stomach and actually helps to prevent and heal acid reflux, heartburn and GERD.

Weird Food #2: Maca Root
The second ‘weird’ food is a natural energy and vitality booster that grows in the high mountains of Peru.

It’s called Maca root.

It’s the only food crop in the world that has the ability to thrive and grow under tough conditions — intense sunlight, freezing temperatures and fierce winds...

For more than two thousands years, maca serve as a staple food and medicine to promote energy, vitality, endurance, fertility and virility.

Not only does Maca boasts an impressive list of 31 different minerals and 60 different phytonutrients, it also contains macaenes and macamides that are only found in maca, cholesterol-lowering sterols, and bioactive compounds called glucosinolates that helps to ward off disease.

The unique make-up of Maca is the main reason why it can help to boost your energy and stamina, improve memory and learning, and even help you perform better in bed.

In a journal published in Dec 2009, professional male cyclists who took maca for 14 days took a significantly shorter time to complete a 40km cycling route, and had stronger sexual desire compared to a placebo group.

Another amazing benefit of maca is its ability to balance your hormones…

Well, Maca does not contain hormones by itself...

But it contains compounds called glucosinolates that directly fuel and stimulate our hormones producing glands like the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal, and ovarian glands, thyroid and pineal.

If you’re a woman, it’ll help to balance your female hormones levels, estrogen and progesterone. By doing that, maca can help to naturally improve your sleep, mood, fertility, relieve menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats, reduce stress and anxiety.

Whereas for men, studies have shown that those who take Maca regularly experience an enhanced libido, increase sperm count, and improved erectile dysfunction and prostate health.

You see, our hormones play an important role in regulating mood, growth and development, tissue function, metabolism, as well as, sexual function and reproductive processes.

Too much or too little can dramatically affect your body, mood and overall health.

This is why including Maca in your daily diet is highly recommended to keep your hormone levels in check.

Now, before I get to the next food, which is a NASA-approved food for astronauts because of its exceptional nutritious content.

Let me explain the danger behind the ridiculously low nutrients in the foods you eat today, even fruits and vegetables.

If you’re like most people, you’ve been told to “eat your fruits and veggies” since you were a child.

Countless research and studies have long proven that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables (five servings a day) can boost your energy levels, enhance your immune system, lower your risk of diseases, and recharge your body.

I don’t know ANYONE who eats five servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Most people are either simply too busy, or the foods they eat hardly have enough vegetables in them.

Let’s do a quick exercise.

For a moment, recall what you ate yesterday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just how many vegetables and fruits did you eat?

Well, five servings of fruits and vegetables are probably equivalent to five times the amount you ate yesterday…

And that’s what the research and studies recommend that you do.

I don’t know about you, but most of our clients feel that’s a lot to force down for the minimum protection of your health.

But here’s the rub…

Even if you are doing so, unfortunately, your efforts are going to waste.

Five servings are no longer good enough to provide your body with adequate nutrition—let alone help build a better body.

The truth is that scientists have discovered that today’s produce is significantly lower in essential nutrients than foods produced 50 years ago.

A geologist and chiropractor, Dr David Thomas DC, analyzed and compared the nutritional data updated by government biochemists from 1940 to 1991, found a huge drop in nutritional value in fruits and vegetables.

For example, broccoli suffered an 80 per cent drop in copper while calcium content was a quarter of what it had been in 1940, a pattern repeated in tomatoes.

As Dr Thomas pointed out: ‘You would need to have eaten 10 tomatoes in 1991 to have obtained the same copper intake as from one tomato in 1940.

A similar study was conducted by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Australia.

They compared the nutritional value in fruits and vegetables for 1948 and 1991, and found a huge drop in many of them.

level of magnesium in broccoli dropped by a whopping 81.9%!

Many agricultural scientists agree that this is because modern farming practices have depleted our soils of minerals; hence, these depleted soils yield nutrient-poor produce.

That means you now need approximately 40 servings of vegetables and fruits to obtain the nutritional equivalent of five servings from 50 years ago!

Now that you know the drawbacks and dangers of conventionally grown vegetables and fruits, you’ll love what this NASA-approved superfood will do for your body and understand why I highly recommend that you eat it.

You see, over the last decade, NASA has spent big dollars conducting many studies on various foods and ingredients to discover potential food for space travel.

When it comes to space travel, the goal is to provide astronauts with foods that are rich in nutrients but don’t take up much room.

What is this NASA-approved superfood?

It is called…

Weird Food #3: Spirulina
Spirulina is the spiral-shaped blue-green algae that grows naturally in warm, fresh-water lakes and ponds.

When you take a look at spirulina’s nutritional content, you can see why it’s considered a superfood.

It’s rich in vitamin B12, iron, magnesium, beta-carotene, the healthy fat gamma-linolenic acid, and it contains all eight essential amino acids. Spirulina even contains 26 times more calcium than milk.

What makes this an extremely golden plant source of protein are all the additional nutrients that come along with it.

Essential minerals, including potassium, calcium, zinc, iodine, magnesium, selenium, iron, and phosphorous, are all in spirulina, adding additional nutritional bang for your buck.

In fact, NASA found that one kilogram of spirulina had the same nutrients found in about 1,000 kilograms of assorted vegetables.

Just to give you a taste of spirulina’s healing powers,

spirulina increases antioxidant protection, fights free radicals, slows the aging process, curbs appetite and promotes weight loss, supports healthy cardiovascular function, improves the digestion process and gastrointestinal health, creates beneficial flora in the digestive tract, and makes the body produce more red and white blood cells, which kill germs and viruses.

With so many nutrients packed in spirulina, it also has the natural ability to help you burn fat.

In the mid-1980s, in a study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry,

obese participants who took 2.8 grams of spirulina three times a day over a period of four weeks noticed more of a decrease in weight than the other group who took a placebo supplement over the same period.

Hence, when you consume spirulina every day, not only will you have plenty of essential nutrients, you’ll find yourself burning fat more effectively.

The 4th “weird” food is regarded as a “longevity fruit” in Asia.

Weird Food #4: Goji Berry
These shriveled red berries hail from an evergreen shrub popular in Mongolia, China, and in the Himalayan mountains in Tibet.

For over 6,000 years, goji berries have been used by herbalists in China, Tibet, and India to improve life expectancy, protect against heart disease and cancer, and slow down the aging process and promote healthy skin.

In the Ningxia Hui region of Northern China, where goji berries are grown and eaten daily, there are 16 times as many centenarians (people 100 years old or older) as the rest of the country combined.

True enough, goji berries are one of the most nutrient-dense superfoods on earth. They contain 18 amino acids as well as Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and Vitamin E (which is not all that common in fruits).

Gojis contain 21 trace alkalizing minerals and are an excellent source of iron, packing more iron than spinach!

That is why including goji in your diet can help to alkalize your body.

If you are looking to lose stubborn belly fat, one recent study in the Journal of American College of Nutrition found that consuming a single serving of goji berries boosted subjects’ metabolism by 10 percent for 24 hours…

More impressively still is that a daily dose of the fruit helped the participants shed 2.16 inches from their waistline in just two weeks.

Goji berries are also loaded with beta-carotene. Beta carotene is a pigment found in plants and fruits, and helps promote healthy skin and even acts like a natural treatment for skin cancer.

In a study conducted by the University of Sydney, drinking goji juice supplied antioxidant activity that offered significant protection against skin disorders and lipid peroxidation of UV light damage.

Two known skin antioxidants are present in goji berries, heme oxygenase-1 and metallothionein, were found to be involved in the photo-immune protection.

If your skin is not in the perfect condition, or you are suffering from dry skin, inflammed skin, redness or swelling, goji berry can defend your skin and enhance cell rejuvenation.

That is why including goji berries in your diet will boost your metabolism, and you’ll also look younger and live longer.

Weird Food #5: Amla Berry
Amla berry has also been used in Ayurvedic medicine for more than 3,000 years.

Unlike the common berries you see in the grocer, Amla is proven to be an effective herbal medicine in the treatment and prevention of eye disease, cancer, digestive problems, diabetes and other health issues.

What makes Amla so powerful?

Amla contains a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals like ascorbic acid, fatty acids, bioflavonoids, polyphenols, cytokinins, B vitamins, calcium, potassium, iron, tannins, and pectin.

This is why it can lower the LDL or “bad” cholesterol levels, protect the heart and liver, reduce blood sugar level and even fight inflammation.

There is growing evidence that the humble amla berry offers nearly legendary powers in healing and preventing atherosclerosis, which is plaque built-up inside the arteries, and related coronary heart disease.

Here’s why that’s dangerous:

When plaque builds up, blood is not able to travel as easily through the arteries, which puts stress on the heart because it needs to pump harder.

When this happens, you’ll experience blood circulation problems, high blood pressure and heart disease.

But Amla can ensure that your blood vessels are as smooth as Teflon by decreasing cholesterol deposits inside your arteries and veins…

In fact, studies have shown that two compounds in Amla, Dgg-16 and Corilagin, can reduce the LDL cholesterol levels and reduce fat deposits in the arteries, thus protecting the heart and arteries.

In a clinical study, 2 groups of men that are between 35 to 55 years old were given Amla for 28 days.

The first group had normal cholesterol level while the second group suffered from elevated cholesterol.

After eating the amla, men from both groups had a decrease in total cholesterol levels.

BUT the cholesterol levels rose back to nearly their original levels 2 weeks after they stopped taking amla!

Besides ensuring that your heart is functioning at a tip-top condition,

Other studies have indicated that Amla can even moderate your blood sugar level.

Normally your blood glucose levels increase slightly after you eat. This is harmful for diabetic patients as they need to keep their blood sugar levels stable throughout the day..

Amla can help with this problem. In a study, diabetic patients who ate amla over a 21 day period not only significantly reduced their post-meal glucose levels, but also had lowered lipid and triglyceride levels.

Amla also excels at protecting your liver from oxidative damage.

The liver is one of the most important organs in our body responsible for keeping the body free from toxins and harmful substances.

But free radicals inflict oxidative stress on your liver, causing liver injury, so the toxins are still stuck in your body. When that happens, you’ll find that your joints are more painful, your back aches more, and your skin flares up and becomes more itchy.

The good news is,

Researchers found that the tannoid, flavanoid, and nitric-oxide scavenging molecule found in Amla berry offers protects against free radicals attacks that damages the liver.

All of these studies done on Amla provide compelling modern scientific support for wisdom that has already been practiced for more than three thousand years.

Now, what do these five “weird” foods have in common?
These five “weird” foods have high levels of alkalizing nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemical content that provide exceptional health benefits, and this has led scientists to call them superfoods.

They have the ability to balance the acidity in your body, reboot your metabolism, and help you lose weight naturally.

So when you start consuming these five superfoods every day, your body will regain its innate ability to heal itself.

You see, your body’s natural healing ability is like a river.

A river usually cleans itself when the water flows swiftly from a higher plain to a lower plain.

But when we throw tons of rubbish into the river, it starts to accumulate at the bottom, and soon, a polluted, artificial dam is formed.

The water no longer flows, and the river can no longer clean itself.

Just like the river, your body has its own “cleaning” ability, but because of the “pollution” that we are constantly exposed to, it no longer functions as it should.

You might not detect it, but these “pollutants” are the silent killers in your body, causing damage to your organs, cells, and even your DNA.

You find yourself gaining weight without any reason, falling sick easily, lacking energy, and even becoming vulnerable to terrible diseases like heart disease, chronic pain, and diabetes.

In fact, scientists have finally zeroed in on the three silent killers that cause our bodies to become so vulnerable to obesity, digestive problems, heart disease, chronic pain, diabetes, and even cancer.

So What Are The Three Silent Killers Of
Major Diseases?

Killer #1: Radicals and Toxins That Poison Our Cells

Every day, our bodies and cells are under attack from free radicals and toxins that come from processed, high-fat foods, pollution, everyday household chemicals, sun exposure, and even stress.

As a result, the DNA inside cells is easily broken down, and the cells are slowly poisoned to death, which accelerates aging and disease.
Killer #2: Nutritionally-Starved Cells

In one study, researchers from Johns Hopkins University looked at data from two national surveys that included almost 24,000 people. This study showed that 89% of the population consumed fewer than the two servings of fruit and three or more servings of vegetables, let alone the recommended 5 servings.

To make matters worse, like what I mentioned earlier,

the minerals content in fruits and vegetables have significantly plummeted to an amount that is barely sufficient today.

That is why our bodies are literally starved of essential nutrients!

So when our bodies are not getting enough nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from processed, artificial and even nutrient-deficient foods, our cells are literally starving to death!

They slowly shrink and then die off.

If you are not currently flooding your cells with life-giving nutrients now, then you are wide open to accelerated disease and aging.
Killer #3: Inflammation

When our cells are poisoned and we are starved of nutrients, it actually leads to frequent inflammation, and there is mounting evidence that points to inflammation as the most insidious cause of every major disease.

When your body’s normal inflammatory response gets out of control (from cell damage and cell death), it constantly releases a wave of damaging enzymes throughout your body.

When it gets worse, you are suddenly hit with an avalanche of health problems like accelerated aging, chronic pain, and even tumors and cancer…

The Good News Is… You Can Put An End To All
Of These Existing Or Potential Problems …
Now, after 18 months of studying and analyzing all these natural foods of different sources, together with tons of research papers, journals, and studies, we’ve developed a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that work synergistically to alkalize your body, protect your digestive system, boost your energy level, lower your blood pressure, and provide well-rounded nutrition for your body.

We call it
Elixir Greens
Elixir Greens is our newly improved supergreens formula that aims to improve 6 aspects of your body and health.

We have carefully selected over 14 superfoods that are backed up by scientific research to accelerate your weight loss, reduce chronic pain and inflammation, strengthen your digestive system, boost your arteries and heart health and many more.
Let’s take a closer look at how these ingredients work synergistically in elixir greens:

First Group: Body

The first group is the supergreens matrix that contains spirulina and chlorella.

These 2 superfoods provide your body with all the ample vitamins and minerals your body is thirsty for.

It also helps your body to flush out the daily toxins present in your foods and environment.

Like I mentioned earlier, even NASA is using spirulina for astronauts due to itsoutstanding nutritional profile.

Second Group: Weight Loss

Next, we have the weight loss matrix and these superfoods are cardamom, goji berry, spirulina and cayenne pepper.

Studies have backed up these 4 superfoods on fat burning and they have shown significant impact of weight and fat loss by increasing metabolism.

Third Group: Anti-Inflammatory

The third is the anti-inflammatory matrix. This group contains sea buckthorn, turmeric, cayenne pepper, shavegrass and camu camu.

The reason you suffer from any kinds of pain — be it shoulder ache, joint pain, neck strain, or back pain, is because of inflammation.

And by reducing inflammation, you will be able to heal from within and enjoy relief from the constant, deep, throbbing pain.

Many studies have proven that eating these 5 anti-inflammatory superfoods is able to effectively reduce inflammation and chronic pain.

Fourth Group: Energy

The fourth group is the energy-boosting matrix, which includes pomegranate and maca. These 2 superfoods are used by athletes to boost their energy and performance during competitions without the need for caffeine.

Fifth Group: Digestion

The fifth group is made up of digestion boosting ingredient. We use psyllium husk and cardamom in this group. These 2 superfoods have the ability to boost your gastrointestinal health and protect your digestive system.

Sixth Group: Health

Lastly, amla berry & flaxseed made up the cholesterol reducing matrix.

Many studies have shown that these 2 superfoods have the ability to reduce the bad cholesterol that stubbornly glued on your arteries.

Together, they help to lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

With these six groups of superfoods combined, Elixir Greens is your daily nutrition insurance that provides your body with a matrix of health benefits and nutritional superpower.

All you need is just 30 seconds every morning. Take a tablespoon of Elixir Greens, mix it with your water or your juice, and you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of these superfoods.

Isn’t this amazing?

You don’t have to fret over forgetting to eat your fruits and vegetables every day.

We receive emails every single day from people whose lives have been transformed by taking Elixir Greens daily.

And customers just reorder over and over again when they are running low on Elixir Greens...

With over 14 nutrient-packed ingredients in a bottle of Elixir Greens, you can be sure that your cells are nourished with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrition…

You instantly introduce your own personal, health-revitalizing ARMY every day to fight against poor health and an acidic body…

But What Exactly Makes Elixir Greens So Powerful?
Number One:

Instead of just having one or two ingredients in the supplement, we have packed over 14 superfood ingredients in Elixir Greens! Our bodies require these alkalizing vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from a wider variety of foods than just one or two ingredients.

This means that instead of buying over 14 superfoods, all you need to buy is Elixir Greens.

This helps you save money and gives you more health benefits from just drinking a tablespoon of Elixir Greens each day.
Number Two:

The superfoods we have chosen are backed up by clinical studies and evidence to help you achieve certain health benefits. This is rare in the industry because most ingredients that meet this standard simply cost more.

On top of that, we carefully chose and tested each source, all of which are measured for maximum effectiveness.

And to be frank, this wasn’t an easy task.

We had to send each of the superfoods to the labs to test the potency and maximum effectiveness before using them in the formula.

This is very important.

Many of the fly-by-night companies that have sprouted up use low-quality ingredients and formulations that are too weak to show any effect.

We chose the highest-quality ingredients because we wanted Elixir Greens to have the maximum potency.

This is, hands down, way better than any multivitamin that you will ever come across.
Number Three:

Elixir Greens is manufactured right here in New York, in the United States, in an FDA-approved facility that adheres strictly to federal current Good Manufacturing Practices, known as the cGMP for dietary supplements.

You can rest assured that Elixir Greens is a premium-quality supplement.
Number Four:

And the fourth reason is something I’m sure you’ll appreciate.

You see, although spirulina, chlorella, and other green superfoods pack a whole bunch of benefits, some people do not enjoy their unique taste. We have addressed that challenge with Elixir Greens by blending it with natural berries and stevia so that it taste great!

This is why many nutrition specialists recommend Elixir Greens to their clients.

Now, with Elixir Greens, you too can once again experience balance, youth, and energy!

In a moment, you can take advantage of this scientifically-backed super supplement that can give you immediate results and, most importantly, …

Let’s do a quick recap of what I’ve gone through so far...

If YOU are constantly exhausted or have low energy levels...

worried about your blood pressure and heart health…

are feeling the effects of aging far faster than you like…

are finding yourself with a poor immune system and falling sick far too often...

oor are suffering from chronic pain…

You could be suffering from cellular starvation, poisoning, or inflammation… or WORSE!

The ingredients contained in the Elixir Greens proprietary blend nourish your cells with a ton of invigorating nutrients that your body needs to rejuvenate, restore, and replenish itself so that you feel more healthy and energized.

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Dana Brettell
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Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

“You mentioned there are over 14 ingredients in Elixir Greens. What are they?”

As there are over 14 ingredients in Elixir Greens, we have provided a list of all the ingredients at the bottom of this page. You can click on the product label link and view all the ingredients.

Do take note that all of our ingredients are sourced from premium sources and are GMO-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.

“Are there any side effects from Elixir Greens?”

Due to the toxic load the average person carries, sometimes, when people start a regime of spirulina and chlorella, they think they are experiencing side effects. In reality, they are experiencing the effects of detoxification.

The cleansing of toxins from the body may give you gas, nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhea, etc.

If the side effects of detoxing are too much for you, ease up on your consumption, adding it in slowly.

The symptoms will pass in a couple of days. There is nothing else to be alarmed about. After a few days, you should be fine to take more.

“When will I receive Elixir Greens?”

We usually take one to two working days to process your order. Once your order is processed, it usually takes a short three to seven working days to deliver your purchase if you’re located in United States.

“How do I order?”

You can simply choose the best-valued package and click the order button next to it. You’ll be taken to Paypal, our payment processor, which is encrypted with the latest 228-bit security for your total protection.

Just fill in your shipping and payment information, and we’ll rush Elixir Greens to your door.

Click on the link below and give Elixir Greens a try. With this risk-free offer, you have nothing to lose.

“Ever Since I Have Been Taking The Max I Have Been Feeling Great! No more gas and bloating after I eat, and I can eat again!!”

Dear Laura,

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! 10,000 thank you's for formulating and making Elixir Max! The change it has made in my life has been absolutely miraculous! I am 55, 5ft 5in, and weigh 103 (on a good day).I have had stomach issues all that time

I have times suddenly out of the blue that I go from feeling fine to being in bed, physically sick within 10 to 15 minutes. I proceed to be physically sick every 10 to 20 minutes for up to between 12 to 18 hours. I cannot get out of bed and I lose 5 to 9 lbs in that time. It takes me about 3 days to recover from it and get rehydrated and be able to eat food again. There have been times that the spells hit me about every 2 weeks. Even when I am not fully sick, I always had gas, bloating, diarrhea and cramping pretty much every day. I was getting afraid to eat. When I was sick, all that came up was acid.

I am still having menopause issues (night sweats, bad sleeping) so I was on line looking for homeopathic menopausal remedies and over on the side bar of the computer I saw the "how acidic is your body" and tried it. (I can rub tarnish off of silver with my bare fingers so I figure I am slightly acidic). That is where I found the Elixir Greens. The last spell that I had was on June 26th. I had had enough so I tried Nexium for 2 weeks which did help to calm things down and it was while I was on the Nexium that I found you. EVER SINCE I HAVE BEEN TAKING THE ELIXIR GREENS I HAVE BEEN FEELING GREAT! No more gas and bloating after I eat, and I can eat again!! I can't quite handle a whole tbsp. I use 1.5 tsp and am totally shocked at the results. My husband is also taking it and likes it too. I told him just last week that I wanted to write to you and let you know that I would happily be a spokesperson for your product. 2 days later I got your email!

I have plenty for now. PLEASE don't ever stop making Elixir Greens! They have been completely life changing for me!

Dana Burress

“Here I am 136 lbs in my Skinny Jeans and I'm 66 years old.”

I've always weighed 145 and wanted to get into Skinny Jeans, have more energy, up early and at the gym. Also wanted to lose weight and look younger when visiting my cousins in Florida last month. Well, here I am 136 lbs. in my Skinny Jeans and I'm 66 years old. I love Elixir Greens...and they love me!!!

Judith Harrington
New Hampshire

“I have noticed my skin has improved where age bumps had been appearing they are now disappearing!”

After 4 months of taking Elixir Greens I have noticed my skin has improved where age bumps had been appearing they are now disappearing! Yeah! This is great! I also do not have cravings for junk food which is helping me keep weight under control. Thanks for checking on my order. I want to see what another 4 months will do for me!

Jean Beament

“The GERD was reduced and I had more energy.”

For years I have had fairly bad GERD, need to burp and burning in my chest. Enzymes helped quite a lot, but I was still searching for a product that would do better. Although I eat very well, the advertising about eating more foods of an alkaline nature caught my interest. I ordered Elixir Greens, mixed it with blueberries from our garden and yogurt, and felt the effects immediately. The GERD was reduced and I had more energy.

Dana Brettell

“I was thrilled to find Elixir Greens for part of my healthy solution.”

I had been very frustrated trying to figure out what to eat to get me off to a healthy, quick start that's especially good for my bones.

My usual day is getting up early, sipping 2 mugs of 1/2 cafe coffee with lots of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk and then (oh no,) some of that artificial French Vanilla sweetener. That filled me up so that breakfast didn't appeal to me, but part way through my exercise class I'd be starving.

So I was thrilled to find Elixir Greens for part of my healthy solution.

I use 1/2 C or more of plain Kefir (a probiotic), 1 or more raw kale leaves with stems, a banana, Elixir Greens and water or ice cubes, to a consistency I like. If I have any, I add a small handful of parsley, frozen blueberries, and/or strawberries.

Sometimes I add a partial scoop of whey powder, or a few nuts for protein.

I feel so healthy, energized & good that I started my day in such a easy, healthy, tasty way!!

If it's still too sweet for me I squeeze in 1/2-1 lime. I use a VitaMix food processor, so I'm not sure if a regular blender would handle the kale stems, so leave them out if needed.

Caroline Somerville

“I just want to let you know that both my husband and I are enjoying the Elixir Greens”

I just want to let you know that both my husband and I are enjoying the Energize Max. I felt so much better at the first day. We both have so much more energy. I have question. is it possible to take the Max twice a day. Thank you so much.

Darcy Neibaur

“I am really doing well on it and today I used the last in the container.”

Hi I ordered Elixir Greens on the autoship plan and have not received my next shipment. Could you check and see if I am indeed subscribed for the monthly delivery. I am really doing well on it and today I used the last in the container. Thank you

Armida B

“Since the first day I've experienced an increase in energy...”

I use Elixir Greens every day in a smoothie. Since the first day I've experienced an increase in energy - sometimes so much so, that if I drink my smoothie late in the day, I have trouble sleeping.

Now I split it in half and drink one portion in the morning for breakfast and the other for an early afternoon snack which keeps me satisfied until dinner. In the past, I have had a sporadic attendance at best at the gym that I pay good money for every month. Now I am going 5-6 days a week without having to push or talk myself into it. Weight loss is slow but steady.

With Elixir Greens, I don't overeat after a workout and feel completely satisfied with my afternoon snack portion. I am very pleased and have recommended it to others.

Thank you,

Tioga White
Phoenix, Arizona

“I have lost 7 lbs this past month...”


I think I do feel better. Certainly less bloated feeling and more regular. I have lost 7 lbs this past month and feeling good about that.

Still adjusting some to the taste but think I have found the right juice to mix it with daily to make it more palatable. I am on container number 2 and have 2 unopened still to go. Thank you for your inquiry. I will keep on with the program.

Katherine Pittz

“I can say all my clothes are getting really loose!”

I believe you have the most amazing product out there.. can't say how much I lost because I didn't weigh myself, but I can say all my clothes are getting really loose!

Cindy Heimberger
Manteno, Illinois

“I love the Elixir Greens because it got me off the couch...”

I love the Elixir Greens because it got me off the couch. I am 65 and female and usually very energetic but was going through Liver congestion and needed detox. My Naturopath doctor put me on amino acids, zinc, Echinacea, Omega 3's and Liverplex. My dermatologist said I had Eczema and gave me shots and presdizones and I'm still fighting with my skin. It is black from rashes and I look a mess. I have stress because of my ugly body and there are so many other stresses. I was having black spots flash in the side of my left eye and would almost fall at times.

Since I've been taking the Elixir Greens I haven't seen them that much anymore but have an appointment with my Eye doctor this week. I truly thank you for your video that enlightened me and gave me HOPE. I thank you so very very much for your work and concern for me because my dermatologist just didn't listen to me from the beginning and still don't because I tried to tell him I was allergic to a few things and it was like my system was confused, so I didn't know if it was allergies or something else causing the eczema or what until I found out I had an overwhelmed liver.

My Naturopath texted me and found I was allergic to wheat and a few other things. I also tested positive for black mold. I'm still itching although it isn't as bad as before; and don't know how to stop it nor the rashes or remove the black discoloration on my body from my shoulders to my ankles. Before the max I was really getting depressed. Well enough because I could go on and on about my problems. All of this started when I turned 65. Thank you for you help, I appreciate it very much. God Bless you.

Monroe, Los Angeles

“I do feel a little more energy, than I had before...”

Dear Laura Lindsey,

Yes it has been a little over a month since I received your products. I find that I am, losing weight, about 8 pounds now.

I do feel a little more energy, than I had before, at 74 I will take all the help I can get. I will recommend it to others once I have taken it for a while. I want to be sure I am using it correctly, to receive the most benefit from it.

Chester Machnowski